Saturday, December 25, 2010

Massacre By Fall will shake Malaysia with there music!!

 With their beloved fans!

Bio :

5 pieces screamo band influences mostly from Screamo/Emo band worldwide. Began in early 2008 with "Our Last Date" as a band name. Named Massacre By Fall at the end of 2008 without any meaning. We're based @ Kuala Lumpur. Our First EP [The Beginning of What's Left Behind] has been release in early 2010.

 Band member.

Current Lineup :

Rangga - vocal/scream/growl
Wan - guitar
Daniel - guitar/backup vocal
Emmet - bass
Adik - drum/vocal

Rangga with his unique voice and growl.
Song :
1. The Beginning of What's Left Behind (Intro)
2. Are You Real?
3. It's Over (Bitch)
4. Jejak Langkah
5. Harapan Palsu
6. Lost In Your Eyes
Old pictures.
Their Websites:
Hear Their Song :

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